Ultimate Guide to Scrabble & Words With Friends: Stop Losing & Start Winning

Ultimate Guide to Scrabble & Words With Friends: Stop Losing & Start Winning

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Stop losing and start winning immediately with the Ultimate Guide to Scrabble & Words With Friends.

Whether you want to be the best Scrabble player in your family over the holidays, dominate people around the world in Words With Friends, or teach children how to spell by having fun, this Ultimate Guide has you covered.

We all have busy lives. We can't memorize EVERY word and advanced technique, so I created easy-to-remember shortcuts that anybody can remember, plus strategies to take you to the next level.

Proven tips like the X + Vowel Trick and 97% Rule for Prefixes to help you win your games today!

Discover how to find opportunities, rack up points, and take control of every game.

Challenge your mind, strengthen your vocabulary, and WIN! :)

My goal is to help make these tips second nature and guide you to your full potential. Most people I help actually underestimate how much they really know!

Looking for 2-letter and 3-letter words?
I've not only created lists for both, but memory tricks, including the Sound of Music and Comic Character shortcuts.

Tired of racks with ALL vowels or consonants?
I'll teach you how to turn those racks into a positive!

I have not only jam-packed this bundle with all-vowel and all-consonant words (100+), but many 4-letter words with 3 vowels that will actually have you WANTING vowels. :)

Plus, learn when you should swap or play when your rack is filled with vowels or consonants!

Are you often stuck with frustrating letters like J, Q, X & Z?
These are the highest scoring letters! Having go-to words with these letters in your back pocket (or this Ultimate Guide!), will make you unstoppable. We have word lists for each of those letters!

What about Q words with U?
Q without U? I was always taught they had to be together.

Nope. We've got that, too!

What else will I discover?

  • How you should open and close games
  • When to play defensively
  • How to track your tiles
  • When to play or block Triple Word Score
  • How to extend words
  • What are the best letters to hold onto
  • When should you swap tiles
  • What are the highest scoring words
  • Top-4 prefixes and suffixes to account for 97% of your options
  • Tile tracking sheets
  • History of Scrabble and Words With Friends
    • Enjoy winning!

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